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Why does my door only open a foot or so off the ground and then go back down?

More often than not it is due to a torsion spring that is either broken or almost broken and the opener cannot hold the weight of the door

Why won’t my garage door close even though it opens fine?

The most usual problem is the sensors, they are either broken or not lined up.

How much does it cost for you to come out and look at my door?

We will come out and give you a free estimate for the repairs but if we pull out tools or lube to make the door quiet or run smoothly we charge our minimum service charge of $75.

How often should my door be serviced?

That depends on how often it is used a commercial door or a heavily used residential door, every 6 months the door should be lubed and once a year a professional should come out and check the safety devices of the opener and make sure the door is balanced and the wearable parts are not causing any strain on the door.


We know a thing or two about safety

Still have questions? We’ve got answers. Email us or give us a call.

– Mount the garage door opener control button out of the reach of small children (at least five feet from the floor) and where you have a clear view of the door.

– Do not let children play with the garage door remote controls; explain that the remote controls are not toys. Set a good example for children and discuss garage door safety with them; explain how to operate the door safely.

– Test your garage door opener’s reversing mechanism monthly by placing a 2 x 4 board in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the object, call Streamline Garage Door for professional repair.

– Know how to use your garage door opener’s emergency release feature. Your owner’s manual provides instructions.

– Visually inspect your garage door each month. Look at the garage door’s springs, cables, rollers and pulleys for signs of wear. If any of these components appear damaged, contact Streamline Garage Doors for inspection or repair.

– Do not attempt to repair cables or springs. These parts are under high tension and require special tools for adjustment. Improper handling or disconnection can cause breakage and serious injury.

– To avoid damage to your door and/or opener, make sure you disable and/or remove any door locks, ropes, and/or cables prior to operating your opener.

– Use the release mechanism on the garage door opener to manually open the door using its interior or exterior lift handles. The door should lift smoothly with little resistance and should stay open around three or four feet above the floor. If it is difficult to perform this task, your door may be out of balance, causing premature wear. Call Streamline Garage Door for adjustment.

– To prevent accidents when a garage door is closing, invest in a garage door opener that features photoelectric eye safety beams, which are mounted a few inches off the floor and send an invisible beam across the door’s path. If the invisible beam is broken, the garage door will automatically reverse to its fully open position. The invisible beam provides added safety to the auto reverse mechanism, as the door does not have to contact an object in order to reverse. The Safe-T-Beam® is a standard feature on the entire line of Liftmaster garage door openers.