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Did you just buy your house and now you have a garage door opener that might have a remote programmed to your garage door that you don’t have? Or maybe the keypad has some old codes in it that either an old owner has, or maybe the old owner gave it to someone like a service person, if you don’t change it you could be letting strangers have access to your house through your garage door not even thinking about it. You spend money after you buy a house to re-key your doors, but you leave your garage door programmed to whatever remotes the previous owner had set up and could possibly have a way back into your house.


When it comes to providing protection and safety to you home and family you can never be too safe. So to protect your family and give you peace of mind call Streamline Garage Door @ 805-203-9995 we will come out erase all codes that the opener has saved and reset the remotes so only the remotes you have will work we can also set you up with a keypad or additional remotes for your garage door opener. While we are erasing the codes on your opener we can also do a safety check on your garage door and opener to make sure all the safety measures are working and that there are not any other possible issues with your garage door opener.

And while we are doing your move in checkup we will give your whole garage door system a 25 point inspection and give you a report that suggests areas that your garage door or opener might need adjustments to give your garage door system the longest life possible.