Bent or Crack Garage Door Panels

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Garage Door Repair Simi Valley

Did your door get hit by something or did the wind blow through and bend your garage door panels so it won’t close? Or is cracking because it was hit or has been out of balance for a while and caused it to crack?


 Then call Streamline Garage Door @805-203-9995 and we will come out and see if the door can be fixed or if it needs to be replaced


 Make sure you call as soon as you notice a crack or bend in your garage door, if you don’t you could end up either replacing panels or the whole door instead of just fixing a small crack or bend with the proper parts. Also if you let the cracks on the door grow the door could either fall on your vehicles or property, or the door could jam and cause the opener to break and cause you to need to replace the opener as well as the garage door.

And after we are done fixing your bent or cracked panels we will give your whole garage door system a 25 point inspection and give you a report that suggests areas that your garage door system might need adjustments to give your garage door system the longest life possible.