Annual Safety Check

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How long since you had your garage door looked at? All garage door manufacturers recommend that your door gets looked at once a year to make sure that there is not any unusual wear on your door and to also possibly catch issues i.e. springs wearing out and getting ready to break, cable fraying, door knocked out of alignment and making the door off balanced which has it own source of problems that can damage your door.

When was the last time all the safety checks have been operated on your garage door opener, pressure switch, force limits, and check your opener for unnecessary wear and tear on your opener.

Call Streamline Garage Doors @ 805-203-9995 we will check all the components of your garage door and opener and make sure that there is nothing wrong or wearing out, while we are there we will lube and tune the door as part of the annual service, and give you a check-up report for your garage door so you know what things will need to be addressed on your garage door, or things to keep an eye on to make sure issues don’t get any worse.